19 Apr

WordPress Start: 7. Install WP Statistics

When you start you’re website you will be interested to see how many visitors you have on a daily basis, how they landed on your website (google, links from other websites,…), what keywords were used to find your blog on search engine… At this stage, you don’t need to learn how google analytics is working. Creating some content for your website should be your first priority.

1. Select Plugins > Add New in the menu on the left-hand side.

Getting started with WordPress

2. Search for WP Statistics and click on Install Now.

Getting started with WordPress

3. Click on Active Plugin

Getting started with WordPress

4. See the list of installed plugin

You can see WP Statistics on your list of installed Plugin. You can remove the example plugin Hello Dolly as it is of not activated and not needed.

Note that to delete a plugin it works in two steps: 1. Deactivate the plugin 2. Delete. You cannot delete an activated plugin. You won’t even see any Delete link to click on for as long it is active.

Getting started with WordPress

5. Click on Statistics > Overview

In the menu you can see now : Statistics. Click on it and then select Overview in the sub-menu.

Getting started with WordPress

6. The Statistics Overview looks like this

Getting started with WordPress

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