04 Apr

WordPress Start: 4. Add new Post

To add a new post, click on the left-hand side on Posts and then either select All Posts to see all the existing post before adding one or Add New.

Wordpress Start Package

Here is the display after clicking on All Posts. We see that by default, one post is already present. From there, we click on Add New now.

Wordpress Start Package

You are now ready to add a title and some content for your post.

Wordpress Start Package

By default, the permalink i.e. the URL displaying the post is updated with the title name. You can change it using the Edit button next to it.

Here I don’t add any Featured image, but feel free to add one which would represent the post.

We now click on Publish.

Wordpress Start Package

The result: now, when we go back to the website, we can see a new post called This is my first post. By clicking on it, we would see the details.

As no picture was used as Feature image, we have an empty box. Depending on the theme, the need for a feature image varies.

Wordpress Start Package

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