03 Apr

WordPress Installation : 3. Connecting WP to the Host Database

The next stage is to connect your domain name with your folder you have created on your server. To do that, you need to log on the website where you bought your domain. Each host provider has its own display.

Once it is done you can move on to get the following steps done :

Go to your website to see the following display and choice your preferred langage.

Wordpress Installation : MySQL

In this example I go for British English

Wordpress Installation : MySQL

On this screen, you are asked to collect some information from your host, like the database name, username, password and host. This are the information you will need on the next screen.

Wordpress Installation : MySQL

In my case I have the same name for the Database Name and User Name.

I can also change my password on my Host.

The database host is just <database name>.mysql.db

I change the default wp_ prefix by something a bit longer. It is to protect the website a bit better against attack. If you don’t do it now, you will be able to change it later using the plugin All-in-One┬áSecurity and Firewall tho.

Wordpress Installation : MySQL

And that’s it for the first part.

Wordpress Installation : MySQL

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