30 Aug

56 killing blog post headlines or videos

I’ve looked at success full blogs and video and came up with a list of successful headlines for your post and videos. I’ve also looked at recommended list and summarized them all for you.

People are looking for the best but don’t want to spend much time for it. That’s why they like check list and tips from experts. When they start learning, they are looking for easy understandable information. They need to feel that you understand their problem and you offer them concrete solutions for them to work on. Sometimes, they just want to dream in a different future. Here is my top 56 for you.

Give people qualitative information

  • The best-of
  • Top x…
  • Top x ways
  • The all time best way to
  • Top x must have
  • x killer…
  • Amazing [awesome things] you should… about

Save people time

  • x instant…
  • x quick tips…
  • x essential

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08 Aug

Video (2min12s): activate your 10Mb package associated with your domain name on ovh.com

You can have several domains for a single host. In that case, on ovh.com, for each individual domain which is independent from your host, you need to activate your free 10Mo package in order to be able to create email account later on. This video shows you how to proceed.

There is one point to keep in mind when doing this: open the link in the email you receive on the way and click at the bottom on ‘Confirm for free’ within the next seven days in order to confirm the order.

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04 Aug

Video (2min30s): How to Buy a Domain Name by ovh.com?

Now that you know what will be the topic of your blog and what the name should be, you need to by the domain name and eventually the host if you don’t have one.

Just one note of caution here: you may want to buy one host and two domains. I explain : one would be for your ‘business’ blog and the other one would be directly related to your host. For example, my host is related to veroniquebourcier.fr. I then buy additional domain names which point to the same host using the multi-domain functionality. Indeed, I may decide in the future to stop working with a given ‘business’ domain but I don’t want to lose my host on the way. It is very unlikely that I cancel veroniquebourcier.fr. The same could work with your company name. I’ll show you later on, how to create a multi-domain. But for now, here is how to buy a domain name and a host.

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