04 Aug

Video (2min30s): How to Buy a Domain Name by ovh.com?

Now that you know what will be the topic of your blog and what the name should be, you need to by the domain name and eventually the host if you don’t have one.

Just one note of caution here: you may want to buy one host and two domains. I explain : one would be for your ‘business’ blog and the other one would be directly related to your host. For example, my host is related to veroniquebourcier.fr. I then buy additional domain names which point to the same host using the multi-domain functionality. Indeed, I may decide in the future to stop working with a given ‘business’ domain but I don’t want to lose my host on the way. It is very unlikely that I cancel veroniquebourcier.fr. The same could work with your company name. I’ll show you later on, how to create a multi-domain. But for now, here is how to buy a domain name and a host.

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02 Aug

12 Tips to Choose your Domain Name

Here are 12 tips to choose your domain name. Select those which are the more meaningful for your and optimise the opportunities to be popular on the net.

  1. Gain the trust of your audience : the reader needs to be reassure. He does not want to land on a page with no interest or with malwares.
  2. Get your audience involved : the reader needs to feel that they are welcome to join the discussion, that the content is developed for him. For this reason, the domain name www.clubdesblogueurs is intending to welcome bloggers.

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