01 Aug

8 Reasons to Start Blogging

Why should you create a blog? Here are 8 reasons to move forwards.

1/ Learning by explaining to others : how do you know you really know something? If you are able to explain it, it confirms that you now manage the knowledge. A blog is a good tool to write things down. The process of writing force you to organise and clarify things in your head. As a beginner in your topic, you use simple words which are much more accessible for other beginners.

2/ Organise your notes : A blog can contain different kind of supports: video, audio, picture, text. All this information is then put by categories and connected using hyperlinks. As you are the one who organize this information, it is easier for you to know where to find it later on. Each time I search some programming code for my work I go on my programming blog and find the information very quickly that way. Let say now that you want to write a book but you don’t know where to start. You can use a blog to put down all the information available in a single place. Actually the primary reason why I started programming blog was to create a training programme.

3/ Increase your Network : your blog is like a visit card which is share around the world. By its content you show your skills, your expertise, the topics you are interested in. People reading you can decide to join your network via Facebook, Linkedin, Viadeo, Xing, Twitter or to contact you directly per email. You are in connection with people having common interests, who you would probably not have met otherwise.

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