19 Sep

10 symptoms of digital marketer

#1. You cannot stop yourself from adding a call for action at the end of your video or ebooks.

#2. You’ve already booked one year in advance your tickets for your web marketing conference.

#3. You permanently look for new plugins.

#4. You stay on vacation when others go back to work.

#5. As soon as you’re finishing a book or a training you are looking for the next one.

#6. You organise work meeting with friends 10 000 milesĀ from home.

#7. You’re on the beach watching your automatic sales on your mobile phone and you love it!

#8. You are a fan of masterminds groups and any other opportunity to be with people who are better than you.

#9. What was your last 30 or 100 days challenge?

#10. You speak to your mum with words like landing page, product launch, … and she don’t understand a single word of it.

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