I bought my first domain name when I started looking for a job. My domain name was called veroniquebourcier.fr I put there further details related to my CV. On my CV I added the link to my website too. This way people could find out more about me, even in a few months/years time. Later on websites like linkedin.com, viadeo.com or xing.com became more popular. I still could add the link on my profiles there.

When I started working I knew that networking was essential to get a job. I was a beginner in my programming language but already enjoyed it and wanted to share it with others. Blogging became the solution. I bought the domain name sasreference.com just before going on vacation to Malaysia. I could at the same time increase my work related network and start teaching what I was learning.

It is only in 2015 that I decided that I should try to make a living by blogging. During the previous 8 years I had gained lots of insight about blogging, web-marketing, personal development. It was time to move on. That where clubdesblogueurs.com arrived. I decided to put there all the knowledge I know about blogging, based on my experience. It helps me ordering my ideas and to others to step in. But there was still a frustration : I know lots of people who were interested in the topic but couldn’t speak French. So I started introduction-to-blogging.com.

But this is not the end of it. There is something very special about training provided by bloggers. There is a kind of connexion between the blogger and its audience. That’s why it is much more valuable than all those formal training you can already find. But these training are lacking of visibility. That’s why I’m also working on a platform where people can search for trainings across the world. Please get in touch with me, if you want to give more visibility to your trainings.


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